Changing the World: One Episode at a Time

People’s plan volunteer Shannon recently featured on an episode of the ‘Changemakers Stories’ podcast, explaining the benefits of a Green New Deal. The podcast seeks to raise awareness about innovative approaches to altering our behaviour, society and economy for a more sustainable future. Each episode focuses on a sustainable development goal – the People’s Plan episode was SDG 13: Climate Action.

Shannon was quick to point out that:

  1. Ambitious Governmental green policies are taking the right steps, but what makes a Green New Deal unique is its holistic nature. We have an opportunity to tackle a variety of problems from their roots in a truly intersectional way with a co-benefits approach.
  2. The COVID-19 lockdown in Spring gave us an insight into the future – we can achieve great things if we work together with determination.
  3. We are already living and breathing the effects of the climate crisis right now. What’s stopping us?



We’re proud that one of our volunteers had the chance to share her thoughts and spread the word. Podcasts are an excellent way to occupy yourself whilst on the move – you can check out Shannon’s work and find out more about a Green New Deal here


Click here to find out what you can do to advocate for a green new deal.