Gamification For Grownups: What is Gamification?

Our current world is so advanced and new exciting tech is coming out all the time. The workforce of the future can already code in their sleep, and a raspberry pie isn’t primarily known to be a sweet foodstuff anymore.


However, if like me, you struggle to turn your computer off and on again and still think of the reptile when somebody mentions ‘python’ you may be wondering what on earth all the fuss is about. What is gamification? What’s so good about it? Is it the same as Cluedo or Snakes and Ladders? (I think it might be more fun).


As the token People’s Plan technology rookie, I’ve done some research, so you don’t have to use the internet more than you need to. Here’s what I found.

Gamification is ‘’the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals”. 


Put in simple plain English – it’s using fun things to help people stay interested.

As defined by Gartner, Gamification is essentially the practise of digitally engaging with people rather than doing so in person. The goal of gamification is to motivate people in order to change behaviour, develop skills or inspire.


Gamification can help individuals focus on achieving their goals. If these goals align with a wider purpose or organisational goals, then these bigger goals can be realised.

‘Game Mechanics’ & ‘Experience Design’

Game mechanics are essentially the digital elements of the game – for example the scoreboard or rewards you gain for winning.

The experience design describes the journey you go on during the game. For example, your journey as Link in The Legend of Zelda.

Why gamification is appealing & Why it works in the realm of climate change

Gamification is, for want of a better word, very cool. This is because it’s designed to be fun! Ever played Candy Crush and then realised you’re suddenly on level 89? 


Gamification is a way of making unpalatable or arduous but important tasks as fun as possible. It’s an entertaining journey that leads to desirable end goals. I wish that I had a gamified way of doing my laundry. 


Growth Engineering uses a differing definition, which we believe helps explain the benefits of gamification:

“the application of gaming mechanics to non-gaming environments…to make difficult tasks more palatable.”

Within the climate debate, this is a way to tap into the opinions of those who don’t usually participate. We’re all impacted by global warming and rising sea levels, and gamification can harness the voices of those who are usually excluded from the debate. Climate change needs to be a part of the individual, local, national and global consciousness.


I actually do need to do my laundry now – I’ll be right back.


Check out the People’s Plan Gamified Platform here.