TEDxPeoplesPlan - Beyond the Climate Crisis Bubble

In October 2020, the People’s Plan hosted a TEDxCountdown event to reflect on the importance of bursting the climate crisis bubble, bringing more diverse stakeholders to the table and turning ideas into action.  To do this, we invited a panel of fantastic speakers to give their unique insights and perspectives into the Climate Crisis and to present their ideas for how we can achieve a healthy, inclusive, zero-emission future. 

Our speakers were: 


Ahlyah Ali from the UK Youth Climate Coalition


Miriam Aczel, Researcher at Imperial College, and Director of Communications at Leaders in Energy 


Cara Jenkinson, Cities Manager at Ashden


Judy Ling Wong CBE, Honorary President of the Black Environmental Network 


So how do we turn emotion into Action, and move from anxiety to agency? 


Furthermore, how do we ensure that our solutions to the climate crisis are ones that empower us all? COVID- 19 has shone a spotlight on inequalities within the UK and it’s made clear what was known to some all along, that climate and social justice are intrinsically linked.


Research shows that in the UK, poorer people are more likely to live in highly polluted areas, and exposure to carcinogenic emissions is more likely to impact ethnic minorities.


This inequality goes beyond borders, globally, the brunt of the climate crisis falls disproportionately on low or middleincome countries, who are more likely to experience extreme weather events and often lack the resources to cope with natural disasters, just one example of countless effects that could stem from this crisis.


We believe that the key to tackling the inequalities that exist in our society lies in ensuring a diverse range of people takes part in the climate conversation.


Every citizen is an expert on the issues in their community. It is only through fair representation of all of these different communities that we can tackle the issues they face on a day to day basis.


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