Why I Joined the People's Plan

The People’s Plan is run by a team of fantastic volunteers, who offer up their time to help put people’s voices at the heart of a green and just recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic! We wanted to introduce to some of our team members, and give you an idea of their inspirations and motivations!

Jamie, Fundraising Team – 


“I guess during 2020 it felt like we were really at a turning point in the push for climate action – I was really inspired by the way the Build Back Better movement grew so quickly so started looking for a way to join in!”

Miranda, Communications Team – 

“I joined the People’s Plan for a chance to help raise the alarm on the climate crisis we’re facing, but also to make people aware of the impact that local action can have. Engaging our local councils is critical for ensuring passion for change translates into policy change.”


Penelope, External Engagement Team – 

“I have a passion for sustainable business, supporting the climate crisis and was looking for something to get involved in whilst still at university. I was really impressed by People’s Plans innovative gamification tools, mission, and vision to advocate for the change to net zero.”


Josh, Technology Team – 

“The current interaction people have with politics is pretty poor. This is a shame as democracy is rooted in debate and discussion. We do not have the tools right now to have meaningful discussion on the climate crisis and how we should, as a society, be dealing with it. I believe gamification can be one of the key tools that we can use to actually get people interested and excited in participation.”

Pippa, Fundraising Team – 

“I joined the People’s Plan to help grow the financial and operational structure of a really exciting project. I was impressed by the passion and energy of the volunteers to find new solutions to the climate crisis.”