Writing to Your MP

Writing email

Writing to your MP: My Experience Written by People’s Plan volunteer Lynda This is something everyone can do and has a right to do when they feel passionate about an issue. It could be anything: from the climate crisis globally to how your local borough is tackling recycling, tackling CO2 emissions and even more personal… Continue reading Writing to Your MP

Sustainable Travel

What could Sustainable Transport look like in your Community? Want to know more about how you can lower your carbon footprint? Well, luckily there a wide range of cheap and easy ways to help lower greenhouse gas emissions!    You might not think so but doing this small thing can have a huge impact on… Continue reading Sustainable Travel

How could your local authority take climate action?

How could your local authority take climate action? There is an almost endless list of things local authorities (LA’s) can do to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Recently, one of the major ways LA’s are reducing the effects of climate change is by creating and using more renewable energy sources. Yes, something as simple… Continue reading How could your local authority take climate action?

How can Gamification help to increase climate engagement?

Mario jumping over planet earth

How can Gamification help to increase climate engagement? Why do we need more climate engagement? In the past few years, climate change has become a more prominent public issue and a new movement highlighting the climate emergency has emerged. Despite this, politicians still often lack a clear sense of the wider public’s view, also known… Continue reading How can Gamification help to increase climate engagement?

LGBT+ History Month

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

Intersectional Environmentalism: What we can learn from LGBTQ+ solidarity February was LGBT+ history month, and colleagues from the People’s Plan came together to discuss what we could learn about LGBT+ history, how LGBT+ issues intersect with the climate crisis, and how as an organisation, we can be better allies. Patrick, from the external engagement team,… Continue reading LGBT+ History Month


TEDxCountdown logo

TEDxPeoplesPlan – Beyond the Climate Crisis Bubble In October 2020, the People’s Plan hosted a TEDxCountdown event to reflect on the importance of bursting the climate crisis bubble, bringing more diverse stakeholders to the table and turning ideas into action.  To do this, we invited a panel of fantastic speakers to give their unique insights… Continue reading TEDxPeoplesPlan

The Case for a Gamified Approach to Local Policy Making

Using games can help give people a voice

The Case for a Gamified Approach to Local Policy Making Over the last two years, we’ve seen a groundswell of climate action. By late 2020, almost three quarters, or around 300 of the just over 400 local authorities across the UK declared a climate emergency. These declarations were accompanied by targets for net zero carbon… Continue reading The Case for a Gamified Approach to Local Policy Making

Gamification For Grownups


Gamification For Grownups: What is Gamification? Our current world is so advanced and new exciting tech is coming out all the time. The workforce of the future can already code in their sleep, and a raspberry pie isn’t primarily known to be a sweet foodstuff anymore.   However, if like me, you struggle to turn… Continue reading Gamification For Grownups

Petition: Rebuilding the Economy after Lockdown

Photo by Markus Spiske

Petition – Rebuilding the Economy over Lockdown Thank you to all of you who signed our petition ‘Rebuild the economy out of lockdown with a Green New Deal’. Together we achieved 27, 766 signatures!    Our initial aim was to push the Government to debate in parliament and eventually create  a 10 year radical investment… Continue reading Petition: Rebuilding the Economy after Lockdown

Change Makers Stories Podcast

Green New Deal

Changing the World: One Episode at a Time People’s plan volunteer Shannon recently featured on an episode of the ‘Changemakers Stories’ podcast, explaining the benefits of a Green New Deal. The podcast seeks to raise awareness about innovative approaches to altering our behaviour, society and economy for a more sustainable future. Each episode focuses on… Continue reading Change Makers Stories Podcast