There is an unprecedented and undeniable public support for a green recovery. The question is not whether the government should take action, but how. 


The People’s Plan wants to give local people a platform to shape green recovery in their community and bridge the gap between government and citizen.

Let the people be heard

We will facilitate resident engagement through an interactive and educational online journey, which will collate local insights. This will allow councils to properly prioritise the wishes and needs of their residents for a green recovery.

Our digital platform will also raise awareness of the economic and health benefits of a green recovery. Ultimately, we hope that local insights can be combined to give a national picture of the nation’s priorities for a greener and fairer future.


The platform will be interactiveeducational and gamified, in order to engage a diverse and representative cross-section of the community.


This is an opportunity not only to gather data on resident wishes, but to inform residents of the co-benefits of specific climate policies.


The platform will bridge the gap and create a dialogue between policy-makers and citizens about what a more sustainable future could look like. It will offer a powerful means of generating ideas and evaluating trade-offs.

We have identified ten action areas that are the key to unlocking a healthier, cleaner, greener future. They provide the steps in the interactive journey that each user will take.

We are inviting ambitious councils to pilot the People’s Plan platform in the coming months. If you or your council is looking to harness local insights in the design and implementation of climate or net zero policy making, or you’d like to find out more, please contact the Peoples Plan Team on

If you would like your council to Bridge the Gap and use our digital platform, email them using our template to let them know.